gamesuperchampion – Rumor: Untitled animated Spider-Man film may star Miles Morales instead of Peter Parker

When Marvel acquired Spider-Man to use in their cinematic universe, Sony and Marvel announced a whole new skew of films including a theatrical animated film with 21 and 22 Jump Street directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord at the helm. This caused many to raise an eyebrow, an animated film…


gamesuperchampion | Popular Action MOBA, Smite releasing on PS4 next week

Smite has been around for a while now, starting as a Free-to-Play PC exclusive that released back in March of 2014. Eventually it was ported over to the Xbox One before being announced for PS4. Smite has been in Open Beta for the past couple of months, but that will end…

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RoIstore is the best site for Icarus Players for buying cheap Icarus Gold online with safe

Riders of Icaruis is a fun mythical MMORPG where players can battle in the skies from WeMade Entertainment. In Riders of Icarus, players will explore a vast, majestic and ever-expanding world where they can collect and train hundreds of different wild beasts, taming them to become rideable mounts with unique…

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FFXIV products also buys merchandise that are required to create

FFXIV products also buys merchandise that are required to create the character inside the participant for getting very much better than other players’ characters subscribers all through the span of your time which it have been preliminary unveiled.It is typically a subscriptions online game wherein the avid gamers should be subscribed…


gamesuperchampion – Steeelback: start of a new era for ROCCAT?

After narrowly avoiding relegation, could ROCCAT’s Steeelback signing be the start of better times? Days ago, ESPN’s Jacob Wolf reported a surprising pickup for Team ROCCAT; former Unicorns of Love AD carry, Pierre “Steeelback” Medjaldi. While Steeelback’s former team finished a mediocre fifth place in the EU LCS Spring Split, Steeelback was…


LCK Spring 2016 – Promotions Recap –

SBENU vs. Ever and Kongdoo vs. MVP – who will make it to LCK Summer 2016?   SBENU Sonicboom vs. ESC Ever For the first match of the series, both teams banned a whopping 5/6 junglers. It makes sense in a roundabout way, as one of SBENU’s best players is Seong…


Team Liquid Academy rebuild with Solo, Stunt, Goldenglue, and Moon on gamesuperchampion

Photo by esportaren Having failed to advance in the Spring Split of 2016’s North American Challenger Series, Team Liquid Academy assemble an almost completely new roster consisting of veteran challenger players and a former LCS jungler. Team Liquid Academy are going back to the drawing board after a relatively mediocre Spring Split….


gamesuperchampion:Best World of Warcraft accounts for sale

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Please Stop Doing This, Massively Multiplayer RPGs -

Please Stop Doing This, Massively Multiplayer RPGs –

You know what I love about massively multiplayer online role-playing games? Losing myself in the fiction of a fantasy world. You know what completely ruins that feeling? The MMORPG equivalent of licensed Happy Meal toys. I’ve been playing MMORPG games for about 18 years. I’ve always found them to be…

Make My MMO: Star Citizen’s Starfarer, Dragon of Legends’ Kickstarter win (March 26, 2016) on gamesuperchampion

Make My MMO: Star Citizen’s Starfarer, Dragon of Legends’ Kickstarter win (March 26, 2016) on gamesuperchampion

This week in crowdfunded MMO development, Dragon of Legends’ Kickstarter ended successfully, netting over $15,000 US for the OARPG studio; Star Citizen released alpha 2.3, complete with the long-awaited and gorgeous Starfarer; and Shroud of the Avatar previewed the once-glorious kingdom of Valhold. Meanwhile, we peeked at Grim Dawn’s modding tools, watched…