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The MMORPG, Black Desert.

Thurs, 18th February 2016 patch notes included Tamer Weapon Awakening ‘Sky Rod’ along with 115 additional updates.
For details of this update, please see below for details.
Translated by BlackDesertFoundry.com

[Events ]

● Tamer adventurers, Swing the Sky Rod! Event is in progress.

– Duration: Thurs, 18th February 2016 – Thurs, 3rd March 2016

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● Clothing gifts for the Beast. Event is in progress.

– Duration: Thurs, 18th February 2016 – Thurs, 10th March 2016

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● PC rooms – Shout to Augsburg. Event is in progress.

Collect coins from the PC room!

[Warrior ]

● it has been modified for use in wound technologies in the twilight soon bayonet attached.

● The damage of the reckless blow skills has been increased.

● ruthless video technology has been modified.

[Ranger ]

● awakening technology Durability consumption has decreased slightly during use.

● After use, Bon technical skills of nature, the wind is constant has been modified to activate priority.

● flow: rush 100% has been applied to the critical wind technology.

● flow: rush movement speed by 20% for 5 seconds reduction technology has been applied when the wind blow to success.

● Flow: use of wind rushing attack techniques that have been modified so that the character is played immediately upon impact.

● 10 seconds all the rage defense technology synergies when using 10 of the ordinance has been applied.

● The anger of the spirits technology has been modified to be used immediately. (6 batting)

● Flow: 100% has been applied to critical technical disillusionment.

● has changed the radius of the constant attack of technical nature.

● attack speed of the constant nature of the technology has been slightly increased.

● has been applied 10 seconds electrifying effect in reducing 15 defense technologies hitting the success of the great outdoors.

● Knowledge of the tremors hit the great outdoors can be raised to eight from six strikes hit damage has been adjusted.

● The speed of operation of the re-creation technology has been slightly increased attack.

● number of strikes recreated technology has been increased from 5 to 7 strike hit.

● re-creation technology 10% attack speed for 10 seconds when using a synergistic effect has been applied.

● 10 seconds every 20 Defense synergistic effect upon the spirit of bondage techniques used have been applied.

● spirits buff applied when three hit sword skills training effect has been changed to ranged damage from enemies of gravity.

● flow: rushing wind, recreate, it has been added per Striking mental recovery technology that uses vines knot.

● Elemental Sword Lily, wind pace, the spirit of anger, thrill of nature, recreating, flooded with images of wind technology that has been modified.

[Sorcerer ]

● The cooldown on all levels of the trading technology of darkness has been fixed in one minute 25 seconds.

● All levels of vitality reduction of dark trading technology has been fixed at 10% to 20% to 10%.

● Using the speed of trading technology has increased the darkness.

● When you use this operation to re-Shield technology is better equipped standby time envoys from the state of darkness has been modified naturally.

● rotating strike damage of Shadow Take I ~ III technology has been increased.

● The last hit of shadow damage capturing technology I ~ III has been increased.

● The PvP damage reduction effects of shadow capture technology has been deleted.

● Shadow capture technology is pushed to the effective distance of the caster direction has been reduced during strikes.

● The effect of being pushed into the caster direction has been deleted deceased hunting skills during four strikes.

● has been modified so that the effect applies to the deceased hunting skills knockdown blow when four caster direction.

● offset the effect of the strike was removed at 2 Dead hunting skills.

● The cooldown on all levels of the deceased hunting skills has been changed to 6 seconds.

● Damage has been increased during PvP Souls of hunting skills.

● If the soul is not used when the cooldown harvesting does not succeed in hitting been modified to absorb the debris of darkness.

● The striking range of technologies has been an increase in the bloody disaster.

● Damage per blow the bloody disaster of this technology has been increased.

● Damage has been increased when using this bloody catastrophe described as black anger of spirits.

● The images of dark trading technology has been modified.

[Giant ]

● roots when not in cooldown skills to beat the super armor effects have been modified to apply only when used.

● Black has been slightly reduced damage while Wrath of the use of technology giant giant leap to the flying of spirits.

– Initial and final technical casting damage will remain the same.

● flow: Nanta flow: the destruction of Earth imaging techniques have been modified.

[Tamer ]

● Tamer weapon awakening “sky rod” has been added.

– After completing the request awakening weapons it can be acquired in the sky rods.

– Added new technology embargo ditch.

– Pressing the C button, you can replace the vigilance weapons and existing weapons.

– Even some of the technology, press the C button, you can link to current flow technology.

– Weapon Damage awakening of technology is affected by the damage, modify, and Commander of the enemy weapons and arousal primary weapon.

● with additional technical damage calculation embargo ditch awakening of existing technology have changed

● damage the leaves Slash II ~ X technology has been increased.

● Damage has been increased heukrang on board at all levels of the leaves cut technology.

● Damage byeokryeok chapter of the I ~ IV technology has been increased.

● PvP damage ratios at all levels of the Chapter byeokryeok technology has changed.

● Damage of bunggyeok I ~ III technology has been increased.

● PvP damage ratio has been changed at all levels of bunggyeok technology.

● Damage of consecutive kicks I ~ IV technology has been increased.

● The avoidance of damage has been increased attacks I ~ III technology.

● Damage of tree climbing I ~ III technology has been increased.

● The damage of Heaven next I ~ III technology has been increased.

● The damage I ~ IV of flash technology has been increased.

● Flash: The damage of the rods poke I ~ III technology has been increased.

● Flash: Turn the damage attitude I ~ II technology has been increased.

● Damage Thunderbolt I ~ IV of space technology has been raised.

● Damage has been increased at all levels of heukrang space Thunderbolt technology.

● heukrang: jeuryeo the damage has been increased tread of I ~ III technology.

● heukrang: Swipes of damage to the I ~ IV technology has been increased.

● heukrang: The breather damage of Scorch I ~ III technology has been increased.

● heukrang: General Damage yell I ~ VI of this technology has been increased.

● heukrang: Fire Damage yell I ~ VI of this technology has been increased.

● heukrang: The damage of the surf I ~ VI technology has been increased.

● heukrang: The damage to wield the whip I ~ V technology has been increased.

● The PvP damage ratios at all levels of the whip wield technology has changed.

● heukrang: The damage of stroke clawed up I ~ V technology has been increased.

● damage the stroke rate when using the technology up to the claws of fury black spirits at all levels has changed.

● heukrang: Thunderbolt technology on earth I ~ IV 1, 2 strike damage has been increased.

● heukrang: 3 ground lightning strike damage of II ~ IV technology has been increased.

● heukrang on board at all levels of the Thunderbolt technology of the land damage has been increased.

● heukrang: The damage of the beating of fear I ~ VI technology has been increased.

● PvP damage ratios at all levels of beating technology of terror has changed.

● extending the damage of the next strike one I ~ II technology has been increased.

● New technology moves “Divine pace” has been added.

● embargo continuous rattle avoidance movement, a slight delay from the time when the former attacked the following operations have been added.

● hairy heukrang heukrang changed when summoned opaque than the existing one.

[Wizard & Witch]

● resuscitation technology subjects have been modified to allow the resurrection must verify whether the resurrection use.

[Wizard ]

● Freeze the video technology has been modified.

[Item ]

● Some items can not be acquired has been removed from the production notes.

● The errata of some cooking items have been modified.

● The following items have been added.

– Carl currying horsepower Enchanted

※ glowing golden seal only to the NPC Bristol – You can exchange two [Imperial Obedience.

● The exchange registration amounts of the following items has been increased.

– Intermediate alchemy tools

– Greater alchemy tools

– Intermediate Cooker

– Greater Cooker

● The description of the first aid kit items have been modified.

– You can save to urgently treat the players. However, it does not experience a recovery.

[ Background, NPC, effects, other] 

● Ruud sulfur cave, the terrain has been improved so that the character can seamlessly move from pillar ku prison.

[Monster ]

● Improved resistance state over the next monster.

– Dissipation gangbyeong

– Helm family tomahawk

– Elrik fanatic

– Angry group hammer helmet

– Dissipation Guard

– Wrap Sat bailiff

– Fighting the roving bandits

– A bottle of madness skull ax

– Huge mane

● reduced the types of items that litter the area of ​​North monster drop Ballet, it has been modified to drop expensive items than traditional litter

[Content ]

● 3: 3 Duel PvP content is excluded.

● Some fishing point has been moved along the ocean currents.

● ‘mangguk princess’ new title has been added.

– It can earn commission upon completion embargo ditch awakening.

● fixes phenomenon does not appear Olbia 2-4 home address image.

● This phenomenon is not allowed to use the specific character of water boarding was corrected instantaneous acceleration technology.

[Referral, knowledge]

● Knowledge of the items that can not be learned, some have been removed.

● Grind the guild and group treatment medium / large / extra-large compensation of the upward referral, the referral process time has been increased.

● If the premium PC rooms have a knowledge of the entity and help South Neil siege captain, it has been modified so that you can then order the commission.

– [PC room requests – help combat identity

– [PC room request] Southern Neil siege combat colon

● The embargo referred ditch awakening has been added.

* You can also order from level 56 or higher character ditch embargo.

– Trang embargo – a small step

– Trang embargo] black aura above the mountains

– Trang embargo] staggered bond

– Trang embargo]-owner of

> Proof of inaction embargo Trang

> Proof control of the embargo Trang

> Proof of sympathetic embargo ditch

– Trang embargo] heukrang owner of

– Trang embargo] sky cover Bon-linked

– Trang embargo] cover sky rods – practice

● awaken a red nose, Kia’s, begeu cowardly, dull wood spirits, Plymouth Khan, the haekse Marie added.

– Get a choice of selecting one days referred awake chief summoned standing sculpture and general summoned the chief and the head can be obtained by combining orders awakening Collect 5 pieces stand awakening summoned.

– Awakening and difficulty standing summoned the chief high probability of acquiring items than normal summoned the heads up.

* Only one head is manifested in his very powerful, do they have enough of an adventurer ready to please challenge.

● commissioned a new partner has been added.

> Cooperative] awakening red nose treatment

> Cooperative] awakening hunger Christchurch

> Cooperative] awakening begeu aid

> Cooperative] awakening Plymouth Khan aid

> Cooperative] awakening beefy Treants aid

> Cooperative] awakening hekse Marie aid


[UI ]

● friends in this connection within a day recorded in the Friends list has been corrected to show that the ‘Today’

● All the pets have been added to eject.

– If the replacement window is open in the pet list, you can not press the eject button all.

● When you throw out the message window has been changed so that items in the bag can move the items in the bag if it is open.

● NPC Find UI improvements have been easier to find a major NPC.

● Movie Guide UI has been reorganized.

● it has been modified design of the guide button on the mini-map on the left.

● The errata of some requests and knowledge has been fixed.

● Kunoichi character motion is improved naturally during wear canapés set.

● Improved NPC conversation of some naturally.

● Amber jewelry items are typos in the description has been modified.

● The appearance of the Bell resurrection of knowing ‘in keotsin NPC has improved naturally.

● The appearance is improved naturally when equipped with some pearl shop items.

Please send more fun in the black desert.

Thank you.

Source: http://bbs.black.game.daum.net/gaia/do/black/update/read?articleId=255&pageIndex=1&bbsId=BDN002


[Pearl Store]

“Event Information”
◈ Tamer weapon awakening events
One event! Beast to master the gift of the Divine!
– Time: February 18, 2011 (Thursday) after checking ~ March 10, 2016, 2016 (Thursday) 7:00
– Contents: – Trang embargo] dealing with weapons, costumes Premium Set 20 minutes buying a lottery customers of mobile culture gift voucher 5 manwongwon!
Both events! Skills and weapons initialization week discount vouchers items (sogeom) Sale!
– Time: February 18, 2011 (Thursday) after check-25th February 2016, 2016 (Thursday) 7:00
– Contents: combat skills and vigilance technology and weapons initialization items 50% discount voucher that you can change the primary weapon in sogeom of different professions (sogeom) Sales
* Weapons voucher (sogeom) can be purchased only once per family, and can not be used for engraved weapons.
* The voucher weapons (sogeom) can be used once only within 30 days after purchase. (Not available during 30 days)
“Sales Product Information”



â–  The following products are terminated on sale Mon, February 29th 24:00 will be. Please note that the game used.

– Little snowman





“Release Product Information”
※ sale items may vary from the images below, and are subject to change.

※ The costume may look different depending on whether you wear underwear, and other accessory items.
Perl is ※ buy the item may not be registered on the stock exchange in accordance with item properties.
â—ˆ convenience and functionality

â—ˆ costumes and accessories

Source: http://bbs.black.game.daum.net/gaia/do/black/notice/read?articleId=801&pageIndex=1&objCate1=52&bbsId=BN001&forceTalkro=T


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