5 Features That Make Final Fantasy XIV Awesome

Final Fantasy XIV had a rocky start, but once things picked up and it got its feet on the ground, it showed that there are a lot of areas other games have been slacking off in. Just by playing for a short period, players are immersed into a world where things are really player-friendly, yet still achieve the difficulty most of us are looking for in an online game. There are, however, some things that stand out more than others when it comes to handling a game the right way. Let’s take a look at some of the big ones and what really makes them shine – and why other games should take these into consideration when working on expansions and other updates. Everything here is based on increasing the quality of life of players.

Final Fantasy XIV

1 – Easy Teleporting

Most MMORPGs have a way to teleport from one area to another. Generally, it’s via two methods: a skill that returns you to a bound spot and a specific pillar, NPC, etc. that lets you teleport to other areas you’ve unlocked.

With FFXIV, it’s even easier than this. By unlocking aetherytes, you unlock the location for teleporting two. And the two easiest ways to do this are:

• Using the map – yes, it’s that simple. Open the map and find where you want to go (especially useful if you’re on a quest) and you can teleport right there!

• Using the teleport menu – this, rather than using the map, gives a listing of the various aetherytes you’ve unlocked, their locations and the costs to go there. This is easier if you don’t want to go through the map to find a location you’re wanting to go to

It’s worth noting that teleporting, aside from using “Return,” isn’t free. But FFXIV does allow for adding up to three favorite locations that can be teleported to for a decreased fee.

Final Fantasy XIV

2 – Multiple Classes and Easy Switching

FFXIV has a great class system. Not only are you able to have every class the game offers on one character, but you’re also able to change at will. And the best part about this is that it can even be done while moving!

The class changing system also has some other features, like:

• Saving gear sets that can be equipped with the click of a button, changing the class and all equipped gear. It also has the ability to “update” a set so that you don’t have to keep re-creating new ones. Furthermore, these are named based on the class, such as “ACN(*12)”

• Attribute points are reset for each class, so that you can fully customize it to your heart’s content

• Each class has its own quest line and hunting quests to do, offering class-based content

• You can switch classes while waiting on a queue, and then just swap back once it pops

This system means there is no reason not to learn multiple roles, and having subclasses isn’t a hassle at all. Just swap when you feel like it and enjoy the game!

3 – Dungeon Bonuses for In-Demand Roles

Across the queue system, in-demand roles get bonuses for joining up. So far this has been tank for me, but occasionally it has gone to healer as well. This has the benefit of enticing players to change to those roles to queue, shortening the queues for all players. It’s worth noting that – at least at low levels – reward bonuses aren’t massive, but they are still enough to help add some persuasion.

Final Fantasy XIV

4 – Dungeon Commendations

When a dungeon group is finished, each player is given a commendation they can give to anyone they wish. While it is up to each player who they give it to (and even if they reward one), these are great for achievements. For example, at 3,000 commendations, a Parade Chocobo Whistle is obtained. These are a way to help reward players that do a good job or that you otherwise feel deserve a virtual pat on the back.

5 – Trade Skill Logs

A great example of this is with fishing. Not only does the game keep and show a log of where the fish you’ve found are so that you can easily get back to them later if they’re needed, but there is even a map that shows more precise locations, based on the zone and area. Rather than having to keep your own spreadsheet or otherwise remember where you’ve been and what came from there, it’s all right there in the game – and it’s so easy to follow that it should take only a few seconds to find exactly what you need!

Final Fantasy XIV


FFXIV has a lot of great features to help players within the game. Instead of using tricky methods of handling core mechanics (like changing classes and gear or finding where to hunt down a material you’ve forgotten the location to), the game itself handles the majority of this. And things like being able to teleport from anywhere is also a huge thing, rather than being forced to keep heading back to towns to do it.

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