5 OP Tricks With Flash You Should ABUSE! – League of Legends

Yeah right i still see idiots who dont know some of this shit in high gold/low plat. personally i had to check to make sure i was up to date and actually learned something still. (basically just that fiddle could ult over blue wall into river like that, but who the fuck plays fiddle anyways).

I think he ment that you could first use the ability and then flash so you use the ability faster instead of flashing and then losing time by using the ability.

Yeah thats why i stopped League you need to have knowledge, Skill and you need to pay attention on litterally anything. So much its annoying. Ill go and play some Toribash instead see ya.

It no longer works, you cannot cast flash during Q cast animation any more, but you can extend range on his E with flash now (if you flash into side it has double the wide).

One question Jeremy, does the lee sin and vane mechanic work for poppy? You would e someone but change directions to then e the enemy to the wall, would that work?

The Swift Scouts nowhere does it say they aren’t well know this is mostly for lower elo player who wouldn’t know probably, still good information to have though.

Trick is extremely misleading because if you do that with something like Cait q or Elise e it won’t work, it’ll fire from your original place… but those are examples of what you were saying it’d work with.

Doesn’t it also have to be some sort of projectile in order to work that way with flash? I mean, if it doesn’t work with hook or amumu q it is somehow attached and not really a projectile.

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