gamesuperchampion – Artifact Power Spending & Off-Spec

gamesuperchampion - Artifact Power Spending & Off-Spec

The choice of your Artifact path is yours to make. Most of the common questions are related to spending Artifact Power on off-spec Artifact Weapons and falling behind with your main weapon.

Good News Everyone!

If you’re planning to play a single off-spec, but worry that you may sacrifice too much Artifact Power in your off-spec weapon falling behind with main spec – well, this is just a myth. If you’re doing your regular chores like World Quests or Daily Heroic every day, putting points in your main & off-spec  weapons simultaneously will sacrifice only 1 day of gameplay up to the 54th Trait. If you’re playing a Druid it’s probably best just to level a single off-spec for now as putting AP in all your off-specs at once may be time-consuming and with the increased Artifact Knowledge Level later, it will be much easier.

The Numbers

Kib has created a spreadsheet with all the math. 

  • The spreadsheet doesn’t take into consideration any dropped AP tokens and their turn-in at Artifact Level 25.
  • Saving all AP tokens from quests and other sources, turning them in at Artifact Level 25 may save your main weapon 3 or even 4 days to reach 54/54 Traits.

    • Note that this part is no longer true, because of the Artifact Power Scaling that went live shortly before release (thanks to solitha for reminding).


To better imagine the spreadsheet, here’s a timeline put together by Zoopercat.

gamesuperchampion - Artifact Power Spending & Off-Spec

So What to Do with Alts?

There’s still so much to do with your main, right? I’m facing the same issue, which is why I have my alt parked in the Class Hall. The only thing he’s doing is placing work orders to increase his Artifact Knowledge Level on every cooldown with gamesuperchampion - Artifact Power Spending & Off-SpecArtifact Research Notes.

  • Don’t forget to have a look at Alt-friendly changes coming in Patch 7.1 to see what’s brewing for reputations and World Quests.

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