Blade & Soul CN Feb Update: Infinity Tower, New Upgrade Option For S2.5 –

infinity tower Blade & Soul CN will be releasing new contents on 25th Feb 2016, including Infinity Tower, new pets, new charms, new upgrade option for S2.5 weapons etc

Infinity Tower

Infinity Tower is a solo instance with 100 floors. A random NPC opponent awaits at each floor. The preliminary details has been explained by the previous update note for BNS KR.

You can get up to 3 entry tickets per day. The time limit for each floor is 4 minutes. Although you start at the 1st floor, you will advance to a higher floor if you kill the enemy in a shorter time.

infinity tower entrance

Your HP will be fully healed before proceeding up to the next floor. All the status debuff or skill effect from equipment will be reset upon moving to the next floor. Furthermore, you are allowed to select 1 of the 3 additional skill to aid you in battle. You can cast the skill in battle by pressing “`” button (beside “1”).

tower of infinity skill choices

The rewards for infinity tower include 2 new types of charms (divine plates) for each class. Charms are new equipment introduced last month along with the release of Mushin Tower F20. It does not grant any status but add additional skill effect.

With the release of these 2 new charms, there are a total of 4 charms for each class.

NOTE: the names of the charms are too fancy to be translated to English; i will just replace them with numbers ]

Blade Master
#3: When Soaring Falcon Stage 2,3 hits enemies for the 1st time, resist damage and abnormal status for 1.5 sec
#4: Flash Step (F) induces 1 sec stun upon hit (cannot combo with other cc skill)

Kungfu Master
#3: Casting Comet Strike (4) allows you to resist Stun, Daze, Knockdown and Knockback for 1 sec.
#4: Casting Tremor (4) allows you to resist damage and abnormal status for 1 sec.

#3: Increase grab/choke (F) duration by 2 sec
#4: Increase movement speed by 20% when Typhoon (Q) hits.

Force Master
#3: Recover 20%HP upon casting Frost Armor (TAB)
#4: Frost Nova (3) induces Ice Prison on target for 8 sec.

#3: Resist damage and abnormal status for 1 sec and recover 5% HP upon resisting with Shadow Dance, Sidestep Left (Q)
#4: Lightning Strike (RB) induces Knockdown on target, 3 sec after it hits (cannot combo with other cc skill).

#3: When resisting with True Friend (X) Stage 2, reset the CD of Beckon (E).
#4: When Briar Patch (4), Flying Nettles (F) hits for the 1st time, reduce the CD of Grasping Roots, Straggling Roots, and Weed Whack (1) by 50%

 Blade Dancer
#3: When Soul Stab (2) hits an enemy, reset the CD of Phantom Grip (4)
#4: Casting Heavenly Dance (RB)  allows you to resist stun, daze, knockdown & knockback for 5 sec sec.

#3: Quell (F) can be cast while using Warding Charm (1).
#4: Recover Familiar’s HP by 30% after using Fall In (E).

Soul Fighter
#3: Resist Stun, Daze, Knockdown & Knockback while casting Dragon Blitz (F)
#4: Recover additional 10% HP of party members when using Power Burst (X)


Skill Changes

The skill changes for various classes have been synchronized with the korean version.

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