Crowfall Reveals the 13th Class Ranger, Who Uses Ammo as Resource on gamesuperchampion

Crowfall is getting the first phyiscal ranged class Ranger, exclusive for Human race. Ranger uses ammo as resource and that makes the gameplay more interesting, or in other words, more strategical.

You have to watch how many arrows you still have to make your next move. And when you actually run out of arrow, you may come to melee combat, which is another combat style for Ranger. What’s more, Ranger can go into Hide mode (renders you invisible as long as you remain stationary and does not swap your power tray) or Stealth mode (renders you invisible until you attack or take a damaging hit. You can move freely while stealthed).
You can check out other powers of Ranger and the skill tree at the official site.

Crowfall is a sandbox MMORPG with elements such as strategy gameplay, political simulator, and survival experience, all of which make the game unique. Other than character progression, quests, and combat, you'll build and develop your kingdom and form alliance with other players.

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