gamesuperchampion – Final Fantasy XV Digital Premium Edition & Season Pass spotted on PlayStation Network

Final Fantasy XV is the latest game to receive the Season Pass treatment. News comes from a listing on the North American PlayStation Store – highlighting a Digital Premium Edition of the game due out on September 30.

According to the Store page, this version of the game comes with an added Season Pass and a bonus PS4 theme based on Amano’s “Big Bang” artwork for $84.99. Not much is known about the content you’ll receive from purchasing the Season Pass as Square Enix has no further information to share about it for the moment. A Season Pass Upgrade is also available for those who purchased a standard digital copy of the game.

Previously, director Hajime Tabata had this to say about Final Fantasy XV and DLC: “There will be additional story content, costumes, as well as things that don’t fall into those categories that fans will be excited to see. I know we’ve showcased some of our PlayStation VR demos this E3, and those are some things we’re planning to implement and provide as DLC experiences. But obviously, we’re working towards getting this game out on September 30, so most of the priorities are on the main game. Only specific core members are working on the DLC right now.”

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