Gamesuperchampion : Adrift's VR Version Exclusive to Oculus Rift at Launch, But Not Forever

The only way to play first-person space survival gamein virtual reality when it is through Oculus Rift, developer Three One Zero has confirmed. But other VR platforms will be supported later. , the studio confirmed it is working to bring Adr1ft to other VR platforms. “We just aren’t ready to make any announcements about them yet. Soon!” the developer said.

There was some amount of confusion on this point, as a Three One Zero representative in Steam’s forums that the studio had no current plans to support other VR platforms like HTC Vive.

Adr1ft won’t support that device, produced in partnership with Valve, at launch. Here’s why:

“Adr1ft doesn’t currently support Steam VR because we are working with and supporting Oculus and their entry into the marketplace,” Three One Zero’s Adam Orth said. “We’ve been working closely with Oculus for most of the development of Adr1ft and we want to support them as partners because we love them, their hardware, and their vision for VR.

“It is entirely possible that this may change in the future, but we don’t have any information regarding that and it is entirely out of our hands as the software developer. These are decisions for the platform owners to make. We have no say in that whatsoever. Not even invited to the table read.”

Adr1ft is as a launch title for the virtual reality device. One way to buy the game is through the Oculus Home Platform; do that and you’ll get the VR and 2D versions. You can also buy Adr1ft on Steam to play the 2D version right away. If you also have a Rift headset, you will be given a free Oculus Home key to get the VR version, too. However, Three One Zero at the moment.

The game is also coming to and . Orth said the release dates for the console versions will be announced “very soon.”

“We are currently working on these versions and they look amazing and play great,” he said. “We are super-excited for Adr1ft console!”

No information was provided regarding what the “other” VR platforms for Adr1ft might be. Sony’s PlayStation VR and HTC Vive seem to be likely, but this is not confirmed.

Orth, a former Microsoft creative director, worked at the Xbox company for years before leaving in April 2013 amid .

He has said Adr1ft is partially inspired by the aftermath of the comments that led him to leave Microsoft. “I was becoming the next victim of the Internet hate phenomenon. It was an absolute feeding frenzy. My public and private life was fair game,” he said in . “People began to distance themselves from me. I was dejected, ashamed, and embarrassed. I destroyed my career and feared being blacklisted by the industry. I went from income to no income.”

Adr1ft is .

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