Gamesuperchampion : Assassin's Creed Syndicate Has Two Day One Patches

will have two day one patches, but they aren’t anywhere close to as large as rumors say they are. Community manager Gabe Graziani confirmed on Reddit that the upcoming action-adventure game will have two launch patches, together totaling just over 1 GB.

“We actually have two patches that will be available on Day 1,” he . “The first patch (titled 1.10) will be 541MB, the second (titled 1.11) will be 534MB.”

Garziani’s comments came in response to rumors that Syndicate’s launch update would weigh in at a whopping 18 GB. But this won’t be the case. “Not sure where 18 GB came from,” he said. “Neither of the patches you will need to download are anywhere near that big.”

Day one patches are common practice. Just recently, we learned that that adds in multiplayer content.

Syndicate launches on for and , while the edition . You can get a. In other recent Syndicate news, the and .

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