Gamesuperchampion : Beat Destiny Devs at Their Own Game, Win This Special Emblem

Bungie Bounty, the event where the studio challenges the community to beat the developer at its own game to win prizes, is returning. Bungie on Monday that the next Bungie Bounty event will be held on Wednesday and is themed around Destiny’s latest limited-time event, Sparrow Racing League.

The Bungie Bounty event will be held Wednesday, December 16, from 6-8 PM PST on .

Bungie will hold a livestream of the event on Twitch. If you get matched up with a Bungie employee during the event and beat them, you’ll earn the special emblem you see above. For each race that Bungie runs, it will award the emblem to the top three players outside of Bungie staffers.

A number of Bungie developers who worked on Sparrow Racing League (and others) will take part in the event, the developer said without naming any names. But whatever the case, beating the people who made the game sounds like a challenging task–you might want to practice beforehand.

A similar event will be held on before Sparrow Racing League goes away on December 29.

Previous Bungie Bounty events saw the developer challenging the community at Crucible modes.

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