Gamesuperchampion : Brand New Street Fighter 5 Character Necalli Revealed

Capcom has revealed a brand new character who will join the cast of upcoming fighting game . The character is named Necalli and was revealed with a trailer shown during the competitive gaming event Evolution Championship Series, which took place over the weekend.

Necalli’s fighting style includes attacks which have him pounding the ground, slashing at enemies, and a V-Trigger move which transforms his appearance dramatically. His V-Trigger turns his long hair a gravity-defying bright red–check out the video below to see how it works.

Prior to the announcement, the most recently confirmed character to be joining the roster in Street Fighter V . To see every character who has been confirmed to be.

Capcom recently detailed the upcoming beta, which is set to begin on July 23 at 6 PM PT on . The beta will have a total of six characters to play, but will launch initially with four, with Cammy and Birdie joining later. The company has also by playing the game. Alternatively, players will still have the option to pay to unlock DLC.

Street Fighter V launches in March 2016 for and . Check out the image gallery below for more screenshots of Necalli.

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