Gamesuperchampion : Cards Against Humanity's Phone Support Line Is Incredible

The company behind the game Cards Against Humanity is known for doing funny things. It sent coal to everyone who signed up for its 2013 promotion 12 Days of Holiday Bulls**t. It made a bigger box to hold all the cards from the base game and its expansions, and marketed the box with blatant innuendos. If you signed up for 2014’s CAH holiday promotion, you received a list of your senators’ campaign contributors.

But the new Cards Against Humanity phone line is one of the most ridiculous things the company has ever done.

If you dial 312-756-0834, you’ll be greeted with a recording of a voice who assists you with CAH support. What follows is a long, convoluted phone tree full of silly requests, a long list of candy from the Harry Potter universe, and several insults. I’m currently listening to a “good ol’ wartime boogie.”

If you actually want information about Cards Against Humanity, the company handles customer service via its .

Cards Against Humanity is a card game in a similar form to Apples to Apples, except its cards are full of explicit themes. If you don’t want to buy the game, you can print out the cards for free from the CAH website.

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