Gamesuperchampion : Check Out Assassin's Creed Syndicate's Map

With ‘s release now just days away, GameSpot played through some early missions, revealing more gameplay and the game’s map in the process. Skip to around 13 minutes in the video below to see the full map, or scroll down and click through the gallery to see some points of interest.

GameSpot editor and former London resident Danny O’Dwyer says in the video that Syndicate’s recreation of London is pretty spot-on. It features six real-world boroughs: Whitechapel, Southwark, Westminster, the Strand, and Lambeth. The river Thames is also featured in the game.

In a , Ubisoft said Syndicate’s map was about 30 percent larger than’s. That game took place in Paris during the French Revolution.

Syndicate launches on for and , while the edition . You can get a. In other recent Syndicate news, .

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