Gamesuperchampion : Check Out Destiny: The Taken King's Guns, Skins, and New Sword

We learned a lot of new details about the upcoming , during. While the biggest news was the announcement that , we also got a first look at some exciting new weapons and customization options.

Although it only appeared on-screen briefly, in the image below you can get a look at one of the new heavy weapons — a sword.

Here are some of the other weapons you’ll be able to access:

The Ghost gets a few new skins:

And here are some other standout armor pieces, emblems, and items:

And if you missed the stream but want to relive the highlights, here are the video clips:

New Dance Moves:

How the new Light Level will work:

New Exotic Blueprints:

When the Taken King launches on September 15, it will make , and

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