Gamesuperchampion : Conker DLC Canceled as Project Spark Goes Completely Free (Not Free-to-Play)

, Microsoft’s and game that lets you create your own games, is dumping its free-to-play model in favor of going completely free. As a result, future content has been canceled.

Microsoft made the announcement this afternoon, revealing that the transition will happen when the game’s next update hits on October 5. Every piece of content in the game will be available to all users, including 200 new props (such as a swamp environment and dragon) that are on the way. The update also doubles the terrain and prop limits, which Microsoft says will allow for worlds twice as large as what’s currently possible.

Due to this shift, Microsoft will no longer be focused on releasing DLC. (Instead, it’ll put the onus on players to create content; the company says there are 200,000 active players sharing 300-400 levels per day). Specifically, that means Conker’s Big Reunion content—-has been canceled.

If you bought the Project Spark retail disc and activated it after July 28, 2015, or have unused tokens in your account, you’ll be able to receive Microsoft Store credit equal to how much you spent. If you qualify, you can expect to get the credit 30-60 days after October 5.

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