Gamesuperchampion : Dark Souls 3's New Trailer Massively Improved By DMX

had gruesome enemies, a foreboding atmosphere, and brutal deaths. It also used a haunting cover of Cyndi Lauper’s “Colours,” which fit a theme of trials and tribulations to uncover the darkness within yourself.

Sounds decent, right? Wrong. It completely failed to capture the true spirit of Souls. Sure, for newbies looking for some sort of emotional connection to a video game, it’s all well and good. But for the Souls veterans out there it failed to highlight the core themes of bringing the pain to the undead and S-Rank dodge-rolling.

Thankfully fans have banded together to do what Bandai Namco and From Software didn’t and put together new versions of the trailer, replacing the original’s music with something more appropriate, courtesy of DMX, Guile, and Limp Bizkit. Take a look at them below.

Dark Souls 3 releases on , , and on April 12. Microsoft has announced the original will to those that pre-order Dark Souls 3 digitally.

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