Gamesuperchampion : Deadpool Wishes You a Happy Australia Day in This New Trailer

Deadpool is less than a month away from hitting theaters, and the Merc with a Mouth himself has another message for his fans. This time, he’s talking to Australia.

In this latest trailer, Deadpool praises Australia, saying he’d fit right in with its “shady criminal past, it’s predilection for blackout drinking, and unrelenting condescension towards New Zealand.” However, he says he can’t forgive Australia for giving the world Wolverine.

The character Wolverine is Canadian, while actor Hugh Jackman is Australian.

“I’ve got no problems with Hugh, I mean he’s a delightful guy,” Deadpool clarified. “But the movie [X-Men Origins: Wolverine], that was a career low for me.”

Deadpool ends the promotional video by wishing everyone a happy Australia Day.

If you want to check out more trailers, you can watch two versions of .

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