Gamesuperchampion : Destiny Shotguns Get Nerfed

Sci-fi shooter will be getting a patch soon that nerfs Shotguns, Bungie has announced in its. The upcoming Update 2.0.1 will remove the Shot Package perk from all shotguns, making shotguns less lethal and thus less likely to kill another player in a single shot.

Any shotgun which had the Shot Package perk will instead have close and/or Personal, Crowd Control, or Knee Pads. Bungie stated that it hoped to reintroduce the perk again eventually, after tweaking it for balance purchases.

The update follows on from . Players will soon be able to buy an in-game currency called Silver using real-world money. Silver can be used to purchase select emotes. An analyst has said that the introduction of microtransactions could generate as much as .

Destiny was the beating out, , and . Sales were likely boosted by the release of the launch of the game’s latest expansion, .

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