Gamesuperchampion : Every Doctor Who is Playable in Lego Dimensions, but Only One Will Have a Voice Actor

In the same way that real-life Legos let you mix and match sets to create imaginative mental landscapes with impossible combinations, the Dr. Who addition to the upcoming game will provide a lot of freedom for how you mix, match, and interact with the time-traveling alien from the long-running BBC series.

At this year’s , we learned some new details about how the world of Dr. Who will integrate with the Lego game, and we also talked with the 12th Doctor, Peter Capaldi, about his first video game role.

Highlights of the Dr. Who expansion for Lego Dimensions include:

  • All of the Doctors will be playable in Lego form, even the War Doctor. When your character dies, you’ll regenerate as the first Doctor then cycle through the series again.
  • Depending on which Doctor you play as, the interior of your TARDIS will change — playing as the first Doctor will give you an old-school, black-and-white time machine.
  • A jukebox in the TARDIS will let you choose whichever version of the Dr. Who theme you want.
  • Peter Capaldi (Dr. Who), Jenna Coleman (Clara Oswald), and Michelle Gomez (Missy) will also lend their voices to game.
  • Other playable characters available for purchase as physical Lego Minifigs include a Cyberman, Dalek, and K-9.
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While the Doctor Peter Capaldi is not a gamer himself, he is enthusiastic about the melding of pop culture and games: “I see it as a positive if it’s done to this quality. The demands and the ambition that the game makers have imposed upon themselves are very high; they’ve given themselves the task of creating something that’s very entertaining, very exciting, and dramatic. So I think as long as we’re trying to make material to a high standard, then it is good. If we’re just going to use these characters as marketing devices that aren’t particularly thought-through or exciting, then no. But that’s not where we are, and that’s the really exciting thing.”

You can watch our entire interview with Capaldi in the video at the top of the story!

Lego Dimensions launches in September for pretty much every console: , , , and. In addition to Dr. Who, there will be several other pop culture and gaming properties that will make appearances,.

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