Gamesuperchampion : Every New Hearthstone Grand Tournament Card Revealed So Far

Blizzard has revealed another card from ‘s upcoming expansion, . While there are still many more to come, we’ve now seen 28 of the new cards, all of which we’ve rounded up for you below.

The latest card is Demonfuse, which allows you to grant +3/+3 to a Demon card while also giving your opponent a mana crystal.

You can help to decide which card is revealed next by voting on Blizzard’s . All you have to go on in choosing from the two cards currently squaring off is their artwork and rarity (in this case, both are Epics); there’s no indication of their cost, strength, or anything else.

Click any of the cards below for a full-size view

You can check out the galleries above for a look at every Grand Tournament card revealed to date.

The expansion is due out in August and adds a new arena and 132 new cards in all, as well as . When players use their hero power, this will cause cards with Inspire to do various things, such as causing the card to return to your hand or give your totems additional attack power.

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