Gamesuperchampion : Fallout 4 Steam Preorders Come With a Mister Handy Dota 2 Announcer Pack

Bethesda has come with a nice incentive for fans to preorder through Steam: a new announcer pack featuring Mister Handy.

Mister Handy has more free time after being fired for opening all the Snapple to read the facts under the caps

Mister Handy is a type of robot in the Fallout games–they’re the three-armed, floating helper bots. One has appeared somewhat prominently in the footage we’ve seen of Fallout 4, and it’s apparently this version of Mister Handy that serves as the new announcer pack.

“The Dota 2 Fallout 4 Announcer Pack will replace the Default announcer and Mega-Kills announcer with the voice of everyone’s favorite robotic butler, Mister Handy,” the for Fallout 4 reads.

There’s not an exact date for when the pack will be released; the page only says it should be out “by mid-November.” (Fallout 4 is due out on November 10.) It’s unclear if it will be available for purchase separately, but we’re checking with Bethesda to get more details. We’ll report back with anything we learn.

This isn’t the first Dota 2 announcer pack to feature the voice of a character from another game (or even TV show); among those already available are ones featuring the voice of , , ‘s Dr. Kleiner, and .

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