Gamesuperchampion : Fallout 4 Xbox One File Size Revealed

The has been updated, revealing the role-playing game’s file size on Microsoft’s console: 28.12 GB. As , that seems fairly trim for such a large- and ambitious-sounding game. But compression is likely keeping the overall file size down.

Bethesda Game Studios’ last title, , was . , meanwhile, was, while Fallout 3 weighed in at .

File size details for the and editions of Fallout 4 are not yet available. We have followed up with Bethesda in an attempt to confirm details about Fallout 4’s file size.

The is set for November 10 across all platforms.

Recently, Bethesda announced post-launch content release plans for the game, which include. In addition, you can watch Fallout 4 composer Inon Zur play the game’s theme music in. On top of that, Bethesda has .


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