Gamesuperchampion : Fallout Fan Who Sent 2,000 Bottle Caps to Bethesda Getting Free Fallout 4

The Fallout fan who to Bethesda Game Studios will be receiving a free copy of upon release, just as they wished.

In a new post, GatorMacheteJr revealed that Bethesda community lead Matt Grandstaff had been in touch to say they would be getting a copy of the game in November. Separately, Grandstaff posted a picture (below) on of the boxes of bottle caps, confirming they were indeed mailed to Bethesda. He has also since to reaffirm that the Redditor will be getting Fallout 4.

Earlier this month, GatorMacheteJR , explaining how they had become a fan, which prompted them to save every bottle cap over the period of seven-plus years. Those were then shipped to Bethesda along with a note explaining how the bottle caps–used as currency in the Fallout games–were meant to be payment for a preorder of Fallout 4.

Lest you start trying to amass your own 11-pound pile of bottle caps, don’t expect Bethesda to extend this offer to anyone else. Grandstaff said on , “[F]or being first, he deserves the recognition.”

We at E3 last week, including the fact that (and ), your , and Bethesda thinks it . The game is due out for , , and on .

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