Gamesuperchampion : Final Fantasy 7 Remake Releasing as a "Multi-Part Series"

Rather than coming in the form of a single package, will be a “multi-part series,” Square Enix announced today.

There’s virtually no information about what this means–it sounds almost as if Remake will be episodic, but it’s unclear what Square Enix’s plan is. (If so, it wouldn’t be a first for Final Fantasy; 2008’s was episodic.)

Here’s how the company put it in a new press release: “Final Fantasy VII Remake will be told across a multi-part series, with each entry providing its own unique experience.”

It offered no specifics beyond that, such as when the first part will be released, how much it will cost, how frequently subsequent parts will come out, or any of the other questions you’re no doubt asking right now.

Square Enix debuted the . It also . Unlike that game, Remake–also coming to PS4–will see .

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