Gamesuperchampion : GTA 5 Getting Graphics Enhancing Mod

If you’ve ever seen graphically enhanced versions of Grand Theft Auto IV on PC, chances are it was using a popular mod called iCEnhancer. Now, the creator of the mod Hayssam Keilany announced that he’s iCEnhancer will support Grand Theft Auto V as well.

In the video you see below, the mod reduces the amount of fog, removes the blur effect on the background, changes the sun color, and some effects on characters.

It may not seem like much at this point, but the mod is still in a very early stage. It’s a start, and given what iCEnhancer did for GTA IV, it could make GTA V look much more impressive soon.

Luckily, claiming it isn’t banning players for the use of single-player mods, so we can get mods like iCEnhancer and .

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