Gamesuperchampion : GTA 5 Mod Brings Watch Dogs-Inspired Hacking to Los Santos

A new mod brings elements of to the world of Los Santos.

has created a script for the edition of GTA 5 that lets you perform Watch Dogs-inspired hacks–and it looks pretty cool. Take a look at the script in action through the video below (). As you’ll see, you can detonate explosions at will–and to your benefit when evading police.

This sophistication of this script may grow in scope over time.

“Maybe later I release a update adding more features like the slow-motion (Focus) feature, profiler, crimes, etc.,” JulioNIB said.

Note that the Watch Dogs-like clothes and models in the video come from different mods. You can learn more about this GTA V script, including how to download it, here at .

A sequel to Watch Dogs is . Unlike the Chicago-set 2014 original, .

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