Gamesuperchampion : GTA 5 Players Found a New Cellphone Secret

If you thought every secret in Los Santos had been found, then think again. players have discovered a secret that involves the in-game cellphone calling a seemingly random number.

Twitter user discovered that if you call 1-999-367-3767, it triggers an explosion and changes the appearance of the in-game phone (via ). You can see the secret tested by Kotaku in the video above. This secret has put coal on the fires of secret hunters, spurring a that’s trying to find out if the number has a connection to anything else.

It’s unknown whether this number has been in the game since its first launch in 2013, but the newly discovered number wasn’t listed when .

If you’re looking for more hidden secrets, you’ll be happy to know that one originating in was made true in Grand Theft Auto V. Players can .

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