Gamesuperchampion : Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Spotted on Brazilian Game Rating Site

Last month we heard rumors that a remastered version of Gears of War was in development and now we might have an official title for the game.

Classificação Indicativa, the Brazilian rating body, has listed a game called with the release date of 2015.

The same rating body also listed something called , which also has a release date of 2015.

Given the recent rumors, a Gears of War remastered for Xbox One seems likely, even if the Brazilian listing is inaccurate. We haven’t heard the same rumors about Dishonored, though a remaster that includes all of the game’s DLC certainly sounds plausible.

Last month, sources told Polygon that the version of Gears of War features better lighting and improved texture quality. The publication adds that multiplayer runs at 60fps. In addition, the Gears of War HD Remaster will reportedly feature .

Another source told Polygon that Splash Damage, the UK-based independent studio behind games like and , is handling development on the Gears of War HD remaster. Multiple at the developer reference that the studio is currently working on a “very well known and highly popular AAA title with next gen technology.”

Microsoft , putting its internal team Black Tusk Studios to work on a for Xbox One. That project is separate from the reported remaster.

As for when Microsoft may officially announce the Gears of War HD Remaster, and maybe Black Tusk’s new project, producer Rod Fergusson . For its part, Microsoft has said its E3 presentation this year will.

Microsoft has not offered any kind of statement whatsoever regarding the project.

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