Gamesuperchampion : Go Google "A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far Far Away" Right Now

As part of its , Google has launched an excellent Easter egg themed around the upcoming sci-fi movie. and search for “A long time ago in a galaxy far far away” to see the surprise.

Do that and your search results will be taken over by the iconic Star Wars scrolling text sequence, complete with John Williams’ famous music. It’s really great.

This is just one part of . Beginning this week, you can align with the Light or Dark side. Activating one or the other choice will add a variety of Jedi or Sith-powered enhancements to your Google experience.

YouTube’s progress bars turn into lightsabers, Google Map markers becomes TIE Fighters or Millennium Falcons, Google Translate now includes alien languages, and Gmail showcases Star Wars-themed backgrounds.

The Force Awakens comes to theaters on December 18. will introduce content themed around the movie called The Battle of Jakku starting on December 1. Just today, developer DICE announced a new mode for the DLC called Turning Point. .

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