Gamesuperchampion : Halo 5 File Size and Day One Update Revealed

Like , Microsoft’s will require players to download a. Now, developer 343 Industries has revealed the size of the update: 9 GB.

Executive producer Josh Holmes . The update pertains to Halo 5’s multiplayer mode, as it introduces unspecified “multiplayer map content.” This is not uncommon for multiplayer games, as developers often spend as much time as possible fine-tuning before launch.

People who buy the digital version of Halo 5 from the Xbox Store and can install the day one update prior to launch if they use the Xbox One’s Instant On mode. People who purchase the disc-based version, meanwhile, will need to download and install the 9 GB update.

revealed that the game would require “up to” 60 GB of hard drive space. As it turns out, it’s a little less, coming in at about 55 GB (46 GB for the game and 9 GB for the update), according to .

The is set for October 27 exclusively for .

In other recent news about the game, 343 has and . In addition and 343 has announced . You can also check out .

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