Gamesuperchampion : Here Are Over 50 New Hearthstone Grand Tournament Cards

next expansion is called Grand Tournament, and it’ll add a whole bunch of new cards to the game. We on the first group of new cards. Today, Blizzard showed off the final group of the 132 new cards coming with the expansion.

Developer Blizzard revealed the last 54 cards on its page today. You can all of the newly announced cards below.

Hearthstone’s Grand Tournament expansion launches sometime later this month. . The expansion includes 132 cards, a new arena, and a new game mechanic called “Inspire.”

Recently, GameSpot was able to talk to the game’s art director about the process of designing the cards for the expansion. .

In addition, it was recently reported that Hearthstone . With that sort of revenue, it’s a good bet that Grand Tournament won’t be the last expansion coming to Hearthstone.

What do you think of the new cards? Let us know in the comments below.

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