Gamesuperchampion : Here's Exactly When the Star Wars Battlefront Beta Starts Today

The day has arrived. Beginning today, October 8, DICE is letting everyone play its upcoming sci-fi shooter by way of an open beta across,, and .

The beta officially begins at , but it’s. We’ll update this post when the beta is released, or you can constantly refresh .

Battlefront’s beta includes a Survival Mission, as well as the 40-player Walker Assault and Drop Zone modes. In addition, beta players can check out the Battlefront companion experience to earn items for the main game. For more on the beta, check out the video preview above.

The beta. It’s , while the .

Battlefront launches on November 17, about a month before Disney’s Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens hits theaters in December. EA is also releasing .

Xbox One owners with an EA Access membership will get to play Battlefront first, as it will be available through the subscription program .

In other Battlefront news, Sony announced a , which also applies to the . That means you can get it for $400 instead of $450.

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