Gamesuperchampion : Here's How to Get The Division's PS4 Beta Without Spending Any Money

owners that want to play beta can gain access to it by pre-ordering the game, downloading the client, and then cancelling their pre-order,

The method, which has been tested by , requires you to search for the game on the PlayStation Store, either through a browser or on the console, click pre-order, and then select “Pre-order & Pay.”

Once done, you’ll be able to search for The Division beta and download the client to your console. Following the completion of the download, it’s possible to find your pre-order transaction through the settings menu and cancel it. No money is taken during the process.

The Division’s for owners who preordered the game, while . The beta ends on all platforms on January 31.

Ubisoft has said that players will be able to pre-load the beta 48 hours before the pre-release play period officially begins, but as of yet it’s unclear if pre-loading will be supported on all platforms (, , and ).

The Division’s full release is now scheduled for March 8 across Xbox One, PS4, and PC. For more on The Division, check out .

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