Gamesuperchampion : Here's What Happens in Zelda: Twilight Princess HD When You Add Amiibo

Nearly 10 years after its initial release, owners will be able to enjoy an upgraded HD version of Launching March 4, Twilight Princess HD will include several new features, including a new mode and an optional dungeon.

While the game’s default mode is a remastered version of the GameCube port, Twilight Princess HD’s Hero Mode more closely follows the Wii version. In Hero Mode, players take double damage from all enemies and there are no health-replenishing heart drops. Additionally, the Link in this mode is right-handed, as opposed to being his original left-handed self in the standard mode.

Some of Twilight Princess HD’s more prominent features and gameplay tweaks are tied to Amiibo. Here’s a rundown of which ones you can use and what they do once you tap them to the GamePad.

Link and Toon Link: Both of these Amiibo replenish Link’s stash of arrows to full capacity.

Zelda and Sheik: Tapping either of these gals to the GamePad will replenish all of Link’s hearts, restoring him to full health.

Ganondorf: Using this Amiibo is more sadistic than the others; using Ganondorf makes all enemies twice as strong. If you use Ganondorf in Hero Mode, the odds stack higher against you, with enemies dealing four times the damage.

Midna and Wolf Link: This new Amiibo–set to launch alongside the game–opens up an optional challenge dungeon called the Cave of Shadows. You can only complete this dungeon while in Link’s wolf form. The dungeon is harder than others and is packed with more tactically difficult enemies, like the ever-reviving Shadow Beasts from the Twilight Realm.

Check out the galleries below for new screenshots of Twilight Princess HD, as well as a closer look at the Midna and Wolf Link Amiibo.

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