Gamesuperchampion : Hey, Assassin's Creed: Syndicate, That's Not Historically Accurate

, the latest game in a series where two fictitious groups stab one another throughout history while fighting over the fate of the world, appears to have a historical inaccuracy.

As discovered by , the features a scene in which we see a train adorned with the British Railways logo. That’s all well and good, considering the game is set in London, but therein lies the problem: It’s set in the 1868 version of London, and the astute Redditor points out in the image below that British Railways didn’t come about until 80 years later in the real world.

Ubisoft, fortunately, has a built-in excuse thanks to the nature of the series, where all of these scenes set in the past are being accessed through the genetic memories of someone in the present day. As such, it leaves some wiggle room for these kind of apparent oversights, which can be attributed to the present-day person suffering from indigestion, or something of the sort.

Story elements aside, past Assassin’s Creed games haven’t always been historically accurate, either. Unity’s Notre Dame, for instance, was to make it more interesting for the game.

Syndicate, which had been , was unveiled earlier this week. For more, check out our .

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