Gamesuperchampion : Hitman PS4 Beta Starts This Week, Watch New Trailer Now

The upcoming beta for Square Enix’s starts on later this week. Now, the publisher has released a trailer for the beta that invites players to “play the beginning.” Check it out below.

The Hitman beta is set in a “top secret recruitment and training facility,” which is shown off in the video here. As you play your way through it, you’ll discover how Agent 47 initially joined the ICA.

That’s all Square Enix is saying about the Hitman beta for now. But we’ll no doubt learn more soon, as it begins on PS4 this coming Friday, February 12. players can get in starting February 19. In all cases, the only way to guarantee yourself entry into the beta is to preorder Hitman.

Hitman’s beta has been announced only for PS4 and PC, not .

In January, Hitman will be “fully episodic” . The game will be split into episodes that are released over the course of the year. The prologue and first mission are still planned for released on , , and on March 11, but the other –are now coming later. The Italy mission will be released in April, followed by Morocco in May.

. The game was originally slated to launch in late 2015 but was.

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