Gamesuperchampion : If Final Fantasy 15 Character's Genders Were Swapped, They'd Look Like This

has , but you don’t have to wait that long to see new content from the upcoming RPG, provided you count fan art.

From the Tumblr page comes new art that depicts the game’s characters as the opposite sex.

The images are really well done; if you didn’t know they weren’t, you might think they were official assets.

There’s a male version of the mechanic character Cindy, who is also , as well as female depictions of Final Fantasy XV’s .

Take a look at more of the images by clicking through the gallery below.

Final Fantasy XV skipped E3 in favor of Gamescom, where the game is expected to have a. Among other things, Square Enix plans to show off “” gameplay footage during the event, which runs August 5-9. On top of that, Square Enix will , which is expected to bring even more news about the long-in-development RPG.


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