Gamesuperchampion : Look at This Awesome Fallout 3 Arcade Cabinet

The Fallout community continues to impress. The latest example is a Fallout-themed Vault-Tec Radiation King Arcade System, which was recently alongside a.

As explained by Bethesda, this cabinet was built by brothers and Richard Houff. It sports the trademark Vault-Tec colors and branding (including Vault Boy), as well as a blue fight stick and speakers. It runs on an and Raspberry Pi 2.

It’s not immediately clear what the Houffs plan to do with this cabinet.

Joseph that he’s sold his creations before,, but it’s unknown if he’s doing the same with this Fallout arcade cabinet.

In news about the Fallout game franchise, Fallout 4’s first expansion—-arrives in March. The expansion’s achievements.

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