Gamesuperchampion : Man Playing Fallout 4 Gets Hit by Car and Survives

A man was hit by a car while playing in his home last Sunday. He survived with injuries and attributes his survival to being a gamer.

reported that Ben Rose was travelling through Fallout 4’s Bostonian wasteland when a Hyundai Sonata came crashing through the wall of his home. The accident fractured his vertebra and sliced his Achilles tendon.

“You play in a wasteland and then your apartment turns into a wasteland,” said Rose. “Cars versus people don’t really end up well. So I really thought it was over.”

He credited his special rolling “gaming” chair with saving his life.

Image source: CBS

“The chair is what saved me, without a doubt. That took the impact. It pushed me out of the way. It kept me from going under the car,” explains Rose.

Irving police believe the driver hit the accelerator when they meant to hit the brakes.

One of Rose’s friends started a , trying to raise money to help Rose pay for medical costs and lost wages.

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