Gamesuperchampion : Mass Effect Andromeda: BioWare Dev Talks About Playing the First Hour

With scheduled to arrive later this year, as you’d expect, the game’s development is moving along. While the game remains largely a mystery, a BioWare developer recently played through its first hour and shared his thoughts–and he almost shared too much.

On Monday, BioWare Edmonton’s Cameron Lee–who is not on the game’s development team–played through the game’s first 60 minutes. As you’d expect, he doesn’t give much away–but he nearly did, saying he almost accidentally tweeted a picture of the game’s executable.

Here’s how he summed up the first hour of Andromeda ():

Lee is a lead producer at BioWare Edmonton. He worked on 2014’s acclaimed RPG and is now .

In other news about Andromeda, . He has not yet announced what he’s doing next. After his departure was made public, BioWare confirmed that development on Andromeda was continuing at full pace.

Andromeda launches in fall 2016 for , , and . A .

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