Gamesuperchampion : Metal Gear Solid 5's Box Art Removes Kojima Name

Konami has removed all mention of Hideo Kojima and his studio, Kojima Productions, from ‘s .

New, and seemingly final, versions of the box art carry no mention of Kojima, where placeholder assets had previously showed the Kojima Productions logo and the line “A Hideo Kojima Game.”

The news comes just days after Otsuka Akio, the Japanese voice actor for Metal Gear Solid’s protagonist Snake, claimed the development studio . “[Kojima Productions] has been disbanded,” he said. “It appears that the work that the team has been putting their utmost effort into is nearly complete.” Konami has yet to respond to the speculation.

This is not the first time Konami has sought to remove mention of the long-time Metal Gear director from its games. Back in March, the publisher from the /PT website, before announcing that the altogether.

Konami also wiped Kojima branding from official artwork and marketing material for and The Phantom Pain, as well as from and the publisher’s . But, until now, The Phantom Pain’s box art had remained untouched.

A source close to Kojima Productions told GameSpot in March that the studio following the completion of The Phantom Pain. It is understood that the team’s contracts run until December.

The has been set for September 1 on , , , and . The is scheduled to arrive two weeks later.

In the meantime, have a look at our to catch-up on all the goings-on between Konami and Kojima.

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