Gamesuperchampion : Metal Gear Solid 5's Special Edition PS4 Has a Typo on It

The new sports an unfortunate typo on top of it, fans have discovered.

Photos of the gorgeous system, which is , surfaced on over the weekend. One glare-covered shot shows the image and text located on top of the system, just above the disc drive. It’s a fictitious caution for users that states, “Do not use molybdeum lubrication.” That’s all well and good, except that, as one Reddit user noticed, “molybdeum” isn’t the name of the chemical–it’s molybdenum.

While it’s likely to be a typo most people would never notice, it remains a blemish on the system. It may not be as blatant as Capcom misspelling on the spine of the game, but that was with a new cover art insert. This is something directly on the system itself that can’t be removed.

It’s unclear what, if anything, will be done about the error at this point, but we’ll report back with any details Konami shares.

Photo credit: NeoGAF user Fox1304

Another recent gaffe involving saw the (although these will instead be sent out by email or included on buyers’ receipts). The game itself looks to be fantastic, .

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