Gamesuperchampion : Mortal Kombat X Leak Reveals Predator Gameplay and More

Ahead of Predator’s release in July for , new gameplay footage and screenshots of the fighter have emerged by way of an extensive leak.

Xbox user Sonicdude20th has uploaded a series of videos showing off Predator and Carl Weathers Jax taking on a series of challengers. These videos–which highlight finishing moves, variations, and more–may get pulled, so while you can.

Reddit user has compiled some screengrabs for Predator and Carl Weathers Jax, among others. Take a closer look at these images in the gallery at the bottom of this post.

Predator will mark the third DLC character to be released for the game following Jason Voorhees and Tanya. All three characters were previously . So far, they’ve each been made available as their own individual purchases as well as in the $30 Kombat Pack.

If you want to try Predator without paying, you just have to be patient–like regular characters, DLC fighters , allowing everyone a chance to fight as them.


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