Gamesuperchampion : Nathan Fillion Asked Halo 5 Devs to Make Him Look More Handsome

By actor Nathan Fillion’s own admission, his character, Edward Buck, looks more handsome than he does, despite being based on his real-world face. This was no accident. In an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Fillion says he asked 343 to make his character model more good-looking. The developers obliged, and, as you’ll see in the video, Fillion is quite pleased with the result.

Fillion recalls traveling to the 343 office in Seattle where he sat in a 36-camera rig to have his face captured from every angle possible to be recreated in the game. “I said, jokingly, ‘Can you make it look like I’m just a little bit better-looking than I actually am?'” That’s exactly what they did, and, now that new images and trailers for Halo 5 have been released, people have definitely noticed the difference.

“Now, people are on Twitter going, ‘Hey, that there’s a guy in Halo 5 who looks just like you, only better-looking,'” he said.

Check out the closeup image below and decide for yourself.

Fillion is no stranger to the Halo series, as he most recently did voicework for and , playing the character Buck. In Halo 5, Buck is a member of Spartan Locke’s Firetime Osiris, tasked with .

The is set for October 27 exclusively for . In other recent news about the game, 343 has and . In addition, the game is, while Microsoft has announced a for Halo 5.

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