Gamesuperchampion : New Batman: Arkham Knight Gameplay Video Explains GTA-Style Dual Play

Be warned, the embedded video contains Batman: Arkham City story spoilers.

Rocksteady Studios on Friday released the latest Arkham Insider video, this one offering an in-depth look at ‘s new, .

On display in the video is a fight sequence where Batman and Nightwing team up to take down a room of thugs. At any point, players can switch between the two heroes, keeping their combos and specials intact.

Rocksteady also explains that it had to increase the number of enemies in fight scenes to accomodate having two hero characters instead of just one. In addition to Nightwing, the Dark Knight will fight alongside Catwoman and Robin in other portions of the game, Rocksteady explained.

The video also features a spoiler-heavy Q&A portion, with Rocksteady answering questions about Arkham Knight’s story mode, including sequences featuring The Riddler and more.

, the new is June 23 for , , and . Recently, Rocksteady , which includes Breaking Bad and Lord of the Rings veterans. Check out some Arkham Knight images in the gallery below.

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