Gamesuperchampion : New Destiny Exotics Coming in December

Bungie has revealed more on the upcoming updates for its sci-fi shooter, . As detailed on the , more Exotics will be added to the game with the December update.

Two of the new Exotics will be exclusive to Year Two, while others will be weapons and armour from Year One that have been upgraded to better suit Level 40 characters. Some of those Exotics will have “new surprises tucked away in their talent trees.”

The weekly update also confirmed that Destiny’s Refer-A-Friend program will start on November 23. Players who are currently active will be considered Veterans, with new players who pick up Destiny: The Taken King for the first time considered Referral candidates. More details on the Refer-a-Friend program will be revealed when it launches.

Bungie also released notes for its upcoming in a separate post earlier today. The update will change the properties of various weapons. Auto rifles will see a base damage increase, while pulse rifles will have reduced damage. Hand cannons will have increased accuracy when aiming down sights. Fusion rifles will also see boosted damage. Finally, shotguns will be hit with a number of nerfs to encourage close-quarter combat.

Update 2.0.2 was rolled out earlier this week, a patch which tweaked the Crucible multiplayer mode and fixed the Nightstalker abilities, among other tweaks. You can .

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