Gamesuperchampion : New GTA 5 Lowriders DLC Trailer Shows Off Extensive Car Customization

Rockstar Games has published a new trailer for Grand Theft Online’s next update, Lowriders, which focuses on the soon-to-arrive autobody shop, Benny’s Original Motor Works. Located in Strawberry, Benny’s is a full-service garage players can visit to deck out their cars with things like hydraulics, special soundsystems, new rims and wheels, and more. Check out the minute-long video below to get a closer look.

Benny’s Original Motor Works arrives in GTA Online, the multiplayer mode for , on October 20 as part of the free Lowriders update. As announced previously, this update will be released across , , and, but . Lowriders also includes new weapons, Adversary modes, and Lamar missions, as well as the much-requested ability to purchase a fourth property.

The Lowriders update, and all others before it, have been released for free. Revenue from the game’s microtransactions has been strong, however, . For a closer look at Lowriders, click through the images in the gallery below.

Overall, GTA V has shipped since it was originally released in September 2013.

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