Gamesuperchampion : New Hearthstone Expansion Confirmed: The Grand Tournament

Today in San Francisco, Blizzard confirmed the next expansion for its popular online card game . The Grand Tournament will be an expansion on the level of , and you can learn more about it in the .

The expansion will add over 130 new cards, and the pricing will be the same as previous Hearthstone releases. The Grand Tournament is set to launch next month.

Some ideas that came from the community prior to the announcement, and which the developer has not completely ruled out, include:

  • Pirates vs Ninjas
  • Tauren vs Worgen
  • Lich King vs Battle Pets

But none of those are currently planned.

The expansion will also include a new map, shown below. As new cards are revealed, we’ll add them to this story!

The game will add a new keyword, Inspire, which activates every time you use your hero power.

Click any of the cards below to see the full-size version.

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