Gamesuperchampion : Nintendo Opens EBay Store, Here's What They're Selling

There is now another place to buy Nintendo items online. The company has, offering up a variety of hardware and games that are sold directly by Nintendo.

Some of the offers in the “Featured” category of the store include hardware like 2DS systems and Wii Remote Plus controllers, as well as games like and the game. All items are sold at Buy-It-Now prices, not through auctions, and there don’t appear to be any deals available.

The eBay store also sells. Although Wii U games are likeand are sold in the store, no Wii U hardware is, at least not right now.

We’ve contacted Nintendo in an attempt to get more details about the new Nintendo eBay store and what fans can expect from it going forward.

Head to to see everything it has to offer. The store hasn’t gotten a lot of attention, as it only has two feedback ratings, both of which were positive.

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